Dambitsch today

Dambitsch today is shown on two maps: village map south and village map north. The house numbering of today is inserted in these maps in an exemplary way. The concept of  the house numbering of today of this village along one main road has not been changed compared to the numbering of the 19th century – exceptions are the new building areas:

  • Numbering (village map south) starts with house No. 1 at the village entry from Reisen on the left hand side running up No. 48 in the middle of the village. On the right hand side numbering runs back from house No. 85 to No. 118.
  • North of the road crossing the the middle of the village numbering runs left hand side from No. 49 up to 66 at the exit of the village to Neuguth and then back to No. 82 in the middle of the village.

Deviations or extensions of this numbering system will not be discussed.
Both village maps show the location of the new building areas (yellow marking).
Photos of the buildings of today are shown when clicking on menu item pictures today.
Some photos of buildings from former days could be collected. They are shown in item pictures before 1940.

Evaluating the telephone directories the current inhabitants of the houses of Dambitsch were identified. Because of legal reasons we refrain from publishing these personal details.