dambitsch, dambecz, dabcze

Old Dambitsch

The earliest data for the number of inhabitants of Dambitsch and the neighbouring villages origin from the year 1834.
The first topographical information of the village dates from 1890 from which the individual buildings can be taken. Similar topographical information is also available for the neighbouring villages and towns.
Four picture postcards from the time earlier than 1915 show motives of Dambitsch during the turn of the century 1900.
Evaluation of the parish books – entries start in 1615 - of the parish Reisen give information about the inhabitants of Dambitsch for the period 1796 to 1806 and 1839 to 1848 as well. The results of the census of 1905 show details about the number of living houses, number of inhabitants, percentages of different religious confessions and the part of the inhabitants with Polish mother tongue. For comparison data are also given for the neighbouring villages and towns.
Exemplary evaluation of the parish books states the number of births and the fathers’ names yearwise for the period 1700 to 1800.